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I assisted Bryan Schrank launch his website on January 2, 2009, as a blogging website for his ministry. The site is currently running WordPress 2.7 and a variety of plugins.

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  • I am pleased to be able to write this recommendation for Mark Terlecky. Mark worked with me to develop my website/blog for my ministry. Mark was able to set everything up and get my site launched in literally a weekend’s time. I was amazed at his speed and diligence in working with me. Mark consistently followed up with any questions I had and offered his expertise on website designing. Prior to setting up a website, I was intimated and felt I lacked the resources and assistance. But Mark changed that completely. He literally set everything up and assisted me directly on designing the individual pages and features.

    Mark’s assistance with the website was so thorough and seamless, that he made a task originally thought to be difficult (in my mind) to be something enjoyable and quite easy. Mark consistently produced a high quality of work for me in a timely fashion. I am therefore pleased to be able to recommend Mark for assisting you in your pursuit to establish a website.

    Please feel free to contact me regarding Mark’s work at:
    Bryan Schrank

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