Bethlehem Chapel


I assisted Leigh Warmbrand in Wheeling, West Virginia, launch his website on January 12, 2009, as a blogging website for his church. The site is currently running WordPress 2.7 and a variety of plugins.

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  • Got a call from Mark on the weekend to set up a website for our church. I’m bi vocational, and a it’s a small church, and I don’t have a lot of advanced web experience (I can email pretty well). Mark and I sent a few emails back and forth to each other, the website was up and running in 2 days. We purchased the website name at for $15. All I have to do is point and click to posts and the calendar and the forums to maintain things. A friend from TN has already visited and registered and wants to bring a group of his friends to share their thoughts on a forum. You can put video from YouTube and streaming audio using on the site if you want. It’s pretty amazing. I would never have the time or know-how to get it started, but Mark is a whiz and very helpful in getting this up. He didn’t charge me a cent! Please visit our site and leave a message or comment, or call or email the church if you have any questions. I’m happy to recommend Mark and discuss any items with you.

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