Lighthouse Alliance Church


This is my church’s website which I relaunced with WordPress 2.6 on August 14, 2008. Our church is located in Rocky River, Ohio, a suburb on the west side of Cleveland. Our pastor has blogs he updates weekly, including Bible study, and his audio sermons are available to stream through – they have streaming media players you can embed on your site with no advertising! The site is currently running WordPress 2.7 and a variety of plugins.

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  • When Mark started talking to me about re-doing our church web site, I was a little overwhelmed because I am nowhere near skilled in this area. But, as Mark and I worked at getting the site up, I was amazed at how incredibly easy it has been! I love adding content to the site and it is very user friendly. I have computer skills that do not go much beyond working with Word documents and I have no trouble working with the new web site. I praise God for Mark and for his work on our site – it is beyond anything I ever thought possible.

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