Preach The Law


I assisted Chris Salter in Oklahoma City relaunch his website on December 11, 2008, as a blogging website for his ministry.  The site is currently running WordPress 2.7 and a variety of plugins.

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  • I just want to express my thanks for Mark and what he has done for My website was so cheesy before and that is why I asked Mark for his assistance. Someone set me up with him and I am glad they did. Mark basically took the reigns of the site and was able to help me set up everything. He was always there when I needed him. Anytime I would email, I always had a response with in minutes. Whether he could help me or not, he would at least write back and let me know he would be out but will be back to help in a while. Anytime I needed to make a change to the site, he assisted. I am very thankful for him because he did this all for me as I do not have much experience with web design. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that is wanting to express themselves via a website. He does impeccable work and for that I am thankful. Thanks again Mark!!

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